About us

HSSR was found in1993 and took up its activity in 1999.

When Czechoslovakia split in 1993, the former Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Czechoslovakia  (Handelskammer Schweiz Tschechoslowakei) split in Prague, as well.

Only about 10% of the former membership remained in Slovakia. Not until 1999, thanks to the iniciative of several members and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe, SEC from Zürich, could HSSR take up its activity with a membership of 23 founder members.

The  constitutional meeting took place on March 7, 2000 in Bratislava in the company ABB attended also by the Swiss Ambassador to  Slovakia Thomas Wernly.


  • Care of individual members according to their needs  
  • Support and development of synergies and cooperation within the membership
  • Providing the information flow between Switzerland and Slovakia

Main Targets

  • Promotion of economic contacts between Slovakia and Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy in Bratislava, with OSEC (Organization for Export Support), with the SwissCham (Association of                   Swiss Foreign Trade Chambers) and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Central Europe in Zürich
  • Detailed information on fairs in Switzerland,  as the oficial representative of the Messe Schweiz for Slovakia 
  • Organization of information and social meetings for the members of HSSR

Michalská 12
811 01 Bratislava
Tel: +421 903 476 538
Email: hssr@hssr.sk
Email: brendzova@hssr.sk


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