About us

Swiss-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (HSSR) was established in 1993, however the activities started after the constitutional assembly in Bratislava on 7th March 2000. Nevertheless the roots are much deeper. In 1972 based on an initiative of chemical and pharmaceutical companies and on the occasion of re-signing of a commercial contract between Switzerland and Czechoslovakia, the HST Handelskammer Schweiz Tschechoslowakei was established.

It has been two decades already that HSSR is a major actor in the entrepreneurial area and at the same time an important partner of Slovak, Swiss and European institutions contributing to creation of positive conditions for investments and business activities. HSSR is active in supporting the relations with public administration bodies, employers´ organisations and other associations.

Over the last 20 years more than 50 members have joined the chamber including the largest foreign investors in Slovakia.

Board of directors manages and represents externally the HSSR. General Assembly is the highest authority meeting once a year.

Main objectives

  • promotion and support of reciprocal trade as well as providing for a platform suitable for meetings, exchange of contacts, information and experience and creating business opportunities.

HSSR organises various events for the members, such as: business breakfasts, seminars, conferences or business fora covering topical subjects having experts in respective area who offer information concerning the latest in legislation, development in global economy and such. Traditional networking events are very popular as many of the participants appreciate the possibility to find a new business partner and/or meet high ranking representatives of the HSSR member companies. New members are introduced, past activities and new plans are presented in SWISSmag twice a year.

HSSR operates independently from the Embassy of Switzerland in Bratislava, nevertheless the two institutions have very close contacts. HSSR has a Service Performance Agreement with Switzerland Global Enterprise in Zurich and since January 2020 it has been a member of Swiss Business Hub Central Europe. HSSR cooperates closely with bilateral chambers of commerce in Slovakia, with the Slovak Chamber of Commerce as well as with Swiss chambers of commerce in the V4 countries. 


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