Fact sheet - Slovakia

1.  General Information on Slovakia

  • 5,4 mil. inhabitants
  • Area of 49 036 km² 
  • EU, OECD, NATO and WTO member
  • Single European Currency EUR adopted as of 01.01.2009
  • Schengen member as of 21.12.2007


2. Tax

  • Income tax rate of 22% for legal entities and 19% or 25% (dependent on income) for individuals.
  • DDT (Double Taxation Treaties) adopted with 65 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, UK, USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, China.
  • VAT tax rate of 20% (reduced rate of 10% applies to selected goods).
  • No real estate transfer tax.
  • No inheritance and gift tax.
  • No tax on dividends (for tax residents special health insurance levy imposed).


3. Undertakings

  • Foreign companies and individuals free to become 100% shareholders of Slovak legal entities.
  • No local representative in company management required.
  • Legal forms: Limited liability company (preferred), Joint Stock Company, General Partnership and Limited Partnership.
  • Branch offices of foreign companies established in Slovakia do not have own legal personality/capacity.
  • European legal entities (European Company and the European Economic Interest Grouping) recognised as well.
  • Trade licences or other entrepreneurial permissions required before start-up.
  • Company acquires legal personality/capacity by its registration with the Commercial Register.
  • Establishment procedure lasts approx. 4 weeks, dependent on the nature of the business.


4. Real Estate

  • Ownership title is registered in public records (Real Estate Cadastre). However, ownership title registration can be overruled by court in litigation cases. Thus, ownership title verification recommended before real estate acquisition.
  • Both local and foreign persons/entities may acquire real estate. Acquisition of forest and agricultural land beyond community/city district is subject to restrictions. Local company can hold the property.
  • Zoning regulations determine and limit construction project parameters.
  • Financing of real estate acquisition can be effectively secured by mortgage/pledge to real estate.


5. Intellectual property

  • Intellectual property protected in Slovakia according to EU and international standards.
  • Slovakia is member of Paris Convention (1883), Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol, TRIPs and other major international conventions on protection of intellectual property.
  • According to local regulations, authors can be only natural persons (individuals) which are granted protection as regards their copyrights. Contractual arrangements with authors are thus crucial.


6. Various

  • Slovakia is a parliamentary democracy. Elections of the one-chamber parliament take place every four years. Direct election of the president takes place every 5th year.
  • The capital city of Bratislava is accessible by high-way from Vienna within appr. 60 km.
  • Investment incentives available and pre-managed by the State Agency SARIO (www.sario.sk).


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