Webinar – „Doing Business in Switzerland“

Webinar – „Doing Business in Switzerland“ 26.6.2024

Organised by the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland Central Europe and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bern




09:00 – 09:05             Introduction

09:05 – 09:45             How to create a presence in Switzerland?

  • Why set up a business and how to get started?
  • What are the benefits of CH?
  • What regions do exist?
  • What legal forms exist?
  • What are the cost?
  • Who can help?
  • Where to find finances?

09:45 – 09:55             Q&As

09:55 – 10:35             Market research / Market Intelligence / prepare export plan/strategy

  • How to gather the right information about Switzerland before the final decision to enter the market?
  • How to do a market research and why it is necessary?
  • Where to find concrete information (for which verticals, area, etc.)?
  • Competitor Analysis: How, where to find date?
  • Which associations exist?
  • Which distribution channels do exist?
  • What platform works well in Switzerland?
  • Where can they find the information?

10:35 – 10:45             Q&As


10:45 – 11:25             Introduction to the Swiss market and business environment / How to promote your business?

  • Introduction to company forms
  • Taxation / tax on the sale
  • Where to seek legal advice
  • How can you send own workers, legal situation?
  • How to open a legal entity in CH?
  • Tariffs check before exporting products to CH
  • Where to start in CH (geographically)?
  • Communicating the right messages to the right audience is the key to creating a relevant customer/client base.
  • How to use social media to reach potential customers and partners?
  • How to position your brand?

11:25 – 11:35             Q&As


11:35 – 12:30             Sales channels for various industries and how to get started / How Swiss business works?

  • How to get started selling in which industries?
  • Identifying appropriate sales channels
  • Finding potential customers
  • How to get noticed / feedback in sales?
  • Is an agent appropriate (do it for free)
  • Who can help?
  • The basics of business culture
  • How to prepare for and behave in a face-to-face meeting?
  • Appropriate business attire
  • Cultural differences between Switzerland and Slovakia
  • Telephone conversations, emails, website and feedback
  • Use the asset when being an SME
  • Importance of the languages

12:30 – 12:40             Q&As


12:40 – 13:20             Presentation of CometX (Slovak and Czech expats in Switzerland)

13:20 – 13:30             Q&As


Registration via mail: lubomir.lucan@mzv.sk


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